Moe's Tavern 2​/​8​/​15

by The Great Ache

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released February 10, 2015



all rights reserved


The Great Ache Chicago, Illinois

The Great Ache is
Denis Hart-lead vocals, bass
Nick Richards- drums
Colin Butcher-guitar

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Track Name: Lucky
One on a list
Just too hard to resist
though I may not be missed
I won't be easy to forget
Took a shot at the mystery
and swimming in bliss
took a minute to kiss
but didn't ever worry

I'll hurry home again, I guess
unless you hold
onto some hope of us
as more than guest and host

All those days in the woods
advertising for good
doing all that I could
but couldn't ever dare to hope
Incredibly true
there was the fire and you
came home again where you knew me
and it wasn't scary

I'm rarely anywhere
that I can't bear to be
and early on I knew
that this time I got lucky.
Track Name: Realia
Don't let it get to you
we all know what you're going through
the last thing that we need's to lose
another guiding light like you
Don't think you have to choose
eternity or daily news
God's no different from the dirt
that's clinging to your Sunday shoes
But know I'm a liar
and though you're a loner
know I'm only here to help
There's no such thing as money well spent
and no good reason to repent
how easily we do forget
that we are all the same accident
Look around you'll find
the best of us make fear their friend
"How?" you ask, my friend the answer's
in the mountains and the ants
and in the elephants,
dahlias and pirhanna fish
the moon, the breeze, our books, our hands
you never have to look any further than
Realia, the all is never greater than Realia
the all is only ever in Realia
when will we ever learn
Don't forget that making sense is something made up in the mind
Don't forget that being good is nothing more than being kind
You can't expect to get your way
The only way to be alive
is if you set out every day ready to die
Everything you'll ever be is here right now for you to see
Nothing could be more important or could come more easily
A simple truth that set me free
there's something out there bigger than me
of course, in and out don't mean a thing
not to the pebbles in the stream
not to a dying battery
a blade of grass, a galaxy
the freshly cut banana tree is equal here and now to you or me
Realia, the all is never greater than realia
the all is only ever in realia
when will we ever learn
All I said is what I meant
that we are all the same accident
the pieces may be burnt or bent
but we are all one accident
it's only an idea, and so it may be real
but only inasmuch as you know how it makes you feel
and feeling's just another little way that we forget
that we are all the same accident
Track Name: Chapter One
I don't wax wise I just talk shit
But it's a pretty good fit
I'm addicted to trying to quit
As a kid I smoked cigs to be cool
and it worked alright
I was the biggest badass in my preschool
not anymore
now I'm just another boring explorer
addicted to being a foreigner
Like my father before me I carry our name
a very large frame and exactly zero game
but that's okay, no big loss
You know a lot of cats pounce and don't got claws
a lot of cooks cook but can't make sauce
and I can simmer for hours
The sweet and the sour
The butter and flour
The Tao is not a superpower
but it's got me everything that I could ever want so far

Hard to say
but I think things are going to change

Tragedy doesn't really seem all that sad to me
Suffering is something at least
bad as it may be
The show goes one
and even with the hydrogen bomb
we play along like it ain't all wrong
I need a new theme song
This is not a comedy
Raiding the costume shop before prom
Used to love the drama
Standing in the street screaming
lovesick obscenities
at long-legged young ladies
always waiting for the world to disintegrate
So who's got time to hate?
I learned to give head one fateful night
in the very same church parking lot
where I first learned to ride a bike

Might be time
to wander to the other side

Licorice and salvia, well
do you notice how my favorites are always on sale
what does that tell you?
Pale moon hangs low and swells over smoke tails
trailing off the fires of rubbish piles
In the style of the Danish Lord
I sort out my sordid story out loud
in a country where they've never heard a minor chord
What you whining for?
I think I'm starting to believe the Buddha was just bored
and why is it the ones who have the most
who always want more?
Come toast to the opposite shore
May it always be around
to give us something to shoot for

All we'll ever be
is wrinkles in the sheet

Too young to be anything close to somebody
Undone like the knot in my tongue
after a little rum
You're going to hate to hear me say it, son
but fun is overrated
It's as played as looking out for number one
Is it crude to speak truth to beauty
Cause truly you are one beautiful bag of blood
and bones and such
or is that too much?
I know I swore I'd never be rich
and yet I'm not yet rich enough
a pinch of snuff
a puff piece on page one
and the campaign was done
Chapter One: God made mud
and some of it got to sit up
and I am just a little bit of that lucky mud

We're finding finally without a lot of energy
a side of the decider that you scientists will never see
It's not about reality cause that's just as illusory
as beauty in a magazine or money won through usury
The losers will unite against you giants of philosophy
and I will be eternally condemned for my verbosity
It's hard to see the end but then
what makes you think that there's an end to see?
Track Name: Ginger Says
Ginger says she’s sorry to keep me up
She’ll never settle down but you gotta love it
I wish you all the luck
Ginger says she still hasn’t had enough
Another couple days in the awful rut and then we’ll get you back on the good stuff, just hang tough
She only loves me for the warmth that I provide
But she keeps me safe at night and we don’t ever fight
Except when she’s right
She’s only lovely when you’ve known her for a while
That all-accepting smile, decidedly too wild
To stay inside
Ginger says she’s tired almost all the time
It’s only when she’s hunting that she feels alive
Stepping out at night and shutting her eyes to the light
Ginger says she really doesn’t even care
Laying on the grass brushing her hair like all that mattered was fresh air, I’m there
She only loves me for the meals that I can buy
But she keeps me safe at night and she don’t ever cry
Except when she’s right
She’s only lovely to a certain kind of eye
It’s the one that I provide, and we do just fine