The New Thirteen

from by The Great Ache

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I used to worry a lot
it never helped for shit
but it hurt so much to stop
what a riot
you tell me nothin ever come for free
but I dont buy it
wait for something good to come to me
and then I try it
give me a kite, Ill fly it
an egg, I'll fry it
give me money for the bus
I'll ride it
it's always sunny inside
a good times the one thing I can provide
six stories high
and two lanes wide
your smile could stop time
and I know you're not mine
still I catch your eye
get caught in thought crime
useless as a landline
fine sand and cheap wine a good night
get your head screwed on right
but not too tight
any minute I might quit the spotlight
better to be ready at all times to take flight

It all ends alright you know
no need to fight the flow
Wait til its time to go
can't tell you how you'll know
It's no thing to find a soul
we don't need no final goal
It all ends alright you know
it all ends alright you know

I didn't drop like rock drop
from up on top
I popped out of the dirt
and took a look at the clock
saw that it was way past time
to hit the block
I don't sit down for shit talk
I spit walking on two feet
the feedback blocking the newsfeed
and soothing me
is soon to be in tune
and then you'll see
democracy in C on three
New Ways to Make Noise is my name
money and fame are petty aims
but I aint sayin I'm above it
I just want to be loved, shit
couldnt really see me holding up a gloved fist
am I a coward or a pacifist
what's the difference?
What is speed divided by distance?
Why are christians so insistent on christmas?
Have we ever missed it?
lick my lips like Mister Burns
scripts consist of words
its absurd
the whole thirty is the new thirteen don't work
if we all end up in the dirt
let's give it up for the worm

We all turn one day to coal
that's the last great miracle
though it's been a bitter road
it all ends alright you know
there's a far piece left to go
and that sun can take its toll
it all ends alright you know
it all ends alright you know


from Start Again EP, released March 11, 2017



all rights reserved


The Great Ache Chicago, Illinois

The Great Ache is
Denis Hart-lead vocals, bass
Nick Richards- drums
Colin Butcher-guitar

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