Start Again EP

by The Great Ache

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released March 11, 2017



all rights reserved


The Great Ache Chicago, Illinois

The Great Ache is
Denis Hart-lead vocals, bass
Nick Richards- drums
Colin Butcher-guitar

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Track Name: The Audience
She knows
that I'll go anywhere she goes
I ain't afraid of the deep snows
I ain't afraid of the heat stroke
I am the atmosphere

She knows
that I'm in love with the sea foam
and it don't worry her ego
cause shes the one to take me home
I am a blade of grass

The audience is sleeping
they're dreaming hard of better things
Still disbelieving
Still looking down on their own wings
and all their reason
won't help them face what time will bring

We know
the more we die the more we grow
and we don't listen to ego
cause deep in side we're all equal
we are the audience
Track Name: I Want You
I want you alone and your wide open soul
can you tell that I'm so into all that you're knowin
if we were to throw down we'd take out the whole town
let's go get some new boots and meet at the hoedown

We woke without clothes and we showed up like soldiers
with hope in our pockets and guns on our shoulders
I want you to know this because you're the closest
to all of the things I do my very most with

I want you
I want you

I want you in lotus, hibiscus and roses
and all that you showed us we'd never have noticed
I want you in tidepools and glistening handfuls
of all we can handle until we get cancelled

I want you in creases of night
where the least bit of light
amplifies undisguisable heat
where demons appear
and for all of their fear
it was they who arranged we should meet

But if we can make it and call this road taken
we'll get back to basics like waking up naked
I want you in autumn, no top and no bottom
like you were an outlaw and I was a law man

I want you
I want you

I want you inspired by earthquakes and spiders
and don't think I want you to like me for my words
I want you enraptured, my friend and my captor
to be with me now and be anywhere after

I want you
I want you
I want you
I want you
Track Name: Empty Space
I got a house of my own
it ain't much but it's all mine
and you can find it outside
the walls are not my home
you know of course
the empty space is where I spend my time
the outside comes and goes
I don't know how
but I don't mind it
we get along just fine
the air the dirt and I are all around
there are no boundaries to a life

The only thing that makes you what you are
is everything you think you're not
You're bound to be let down
if you believe in everything you think you've got
see if you can't embrace
the empty space that makes up
what you call your heart
Short of the mall or alcohol
I don't know another way than art

Relax that apathy
react at last
do all things perfectly
as in the past
use all your energy
give up the chase
you can't pretend to be
any more than empty space
your face is a gift anyway

I missed the feeling of conflict
as if it could be any more obvious
the he was no different from me
just a wave in the sea that we all need to be
and I was no more than the time
that it took to reply to the wind outside
Track Name: Wide Eyes
I want to be decent this time
of all of the reasons to leave, what a crime
in my mind, here on my side of the line
you still shine
and you could always change your mind
But I ain't about to be out for your hide
if I came to your door you would probably hide
inside trying not to look in my eyes
it ain't kind
but if you think it's right

I want to meet up with you some time
I want to be sure that you're gonna be fine
I ain't lying, another Saturday night
still trying to put it out of my mind
I'm all out of lines
I ain't trying to whine
it might be fucked but it will all be fine
Wide Eyes, you're gonna make it alright
if not now then off in some other life
Track Name: I Just Can't
Ever since you left we've had to hold it down
trying not to guess if you'd be back around
Oh, no one's saying you were wrong
much as we wish you could stay
we'd much rather have you safe

We've been waiting all this year to hear you're well
since you took a part of me and ran like hell
Since then, we just want to hear you play
we just wanted you to know
anywhere that you might go

Guess there's nothing left now but to let you go
could have found a better way to let you know
and so we all go our separate ways
never knowing if or when
we might see a day like this
out there, someday, again
Track Name: The New Thirteen
I used to worry a lot
it never helped for shit
but it hurt so much to stop
what a riot
you tell me nothin ever come for free
but I dont buy it
wait for something good to come to me
and then I try it
give me a kite, Ill fly it
an egg, I'll fry it
give me money for the bus
I'll ride it
it's always sunny inside
a good times the one thing I can provide
six stories high
and two lanes wide
your smile could stop time
and I know you're not mine
still I catch your eye
get caught in thought crime
useless as a landline
fine sand and cheap wine a good night
get your head screwed on right
but not too tight
any minute I might quit the spotlight
better to be ready at all times to take flight

It all ends alright you know
no need to fight the flow
Wait til its time to go
can't tell you how you'll know
It's no thing to find a soul
we don't need no final goal
It all ends alright you know
it all ends alright you know

I didn't drop like rock drop
from up on top
I popped out of the dirt
and took a look at the clock
saw that it was way past time
to hit the block
I don't sit down for shit talk
I spit walking on two feet
the feedback blocking the newsfeed
and soothing me
is soon to be in tune
and then you'll see
democracy in C on three
New Ways to Make Noise is my name
money and fame are petty aims
but I aint sayin I'm above it
I just want to be loved, shit
couldnt really see me holding up a gloved fist
am I a coward or a pacifist
what's the difference?
What is speed divided by distance?
Why are christians so insistent on christmas?
Have we ever missed it?
lick my lips like Mister Burns
scripts consist of words
its absurd
the whole thirty is the new thirteen don't work
if we all end up in the dirt
let's give it up for the worm

We all turn one day to coal
that's the last great miracle
though it's been a bitter road
it all ends alright you know
there's a far piece left to go
and that sun can take its toll
it all ends alright you know
it all ends alright you know
Track Name: Start Again
I was born with a foot in the grave
I gave it all just to learn what it was for
In love I saw just a little of the point
But I tried too hard and I had a great fall

Then I got happy and I opened my ears
It worked for years til I got lucky again
And then a friend, through the smoke and the tears
She let me hear the voice of God

And so I tried to be easy with the all
But I went too far and believed that I was right
And so I start, start again all the time
try and realign with what I was meant to be

Breathe in and start again
All things end but the unending
We're all pretending to forget
that time leaves nothing standing
I can't keep waiting for a secret
that will make this easy
It's up to me alone
to realign my own mind daily
It's not like kindness takes a specialist
to recognize it
This isn't anything
but showing up with open eyes
And maybe being wise and being right
don't take the same plan of attack
There's only one thing we can do
so why take any chance on that

Start again, start again